Economic Development/Job Growth

In these difficult times, our State Representative should be focused on efforts to recruit new jobs and help existing businesses grow. In the coming weeks, John Albers will unveil a bold proposal to stimulate the economy across northeast Georgia and create more economic opportunity for everyone in our communities.

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We must rebuild Georgia’s aging transportation infrastructure – while simultaneously increasing public transit options – to help ease congestion and keep our economy growing.

We need a regional transportation system in Georgia, and I am committed to making sure that I work with legislators from both parties to come up with a new government funding structure for mass transit.

I am also committed to tracking Department of Transportation dollars and other stimulus projects to make sure that not only large companies receive these contracts, but small businesses receive their fair share.

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Taxes & Spending

Once elected, John Albers will introduce a Constitutional Amendment to cap increases in the assessed value of property at the rate of inflation plus population growth, but allow for local governments to exceed that cap if approved by the voters in a local referendum.

Albers will also support a Taxpayer Protection Act that requires that state budget surpluses in excess of inflation plus population go into a reserve fund. Once the reserve fund hits 10% of the state budget, additional surplus funds would go to pay off state debt or be used to cut taxes.

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Albers will work to insure that our local parents and educators are empowered to teach our children, not bureaucrats in Atlanta. Albers is a passionate advocate for local control of our schools. He will work to eliminate the austerity cuts the state has imposed on our schools in recent years and work to improve the QBE funding formula to insure our schools are receiving their fair share of state funding.

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Milton County

Albers supports the recreation of Milton County to include the cities of Roswell, Sandy Springs, Mountain Park, Milton Alpharetta and Johns Creek. The new county will greatly impact the citizens and improve the areas bulleted below.

  • Arts
  • Child Advocacy
  • Civil Rights
  • Defense
  • Development
  • Disabilities
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Energy & Environment
  • Ethics
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Homeland Security
  • Immigration
  • Poverty
  • Property Taxes
  • Rural
  • Science
  • Seniors & Social Security
  • Service
  • Sportsmen
  • Taxes
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Urban Policy
  • Veterans
  • Women

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Almost 20% of Georgians currently have no health insurance. This creates a huge financial burden for uninsured families, taxpayers paying for the uninsured, and those who are insured who end up paying higher premiums. Inspired by proposals from other elected officials, John Albers proposes an innovative plan to allow small businesses to purchase health insurance for their employees through the State Employee Health Benefit Plan. By expanding the “pool” of employees insured, health insurance costs will drop. The State, taxpayers, and small business owners will save money, but most importantly, it will help thousands of Georgia families obtain quality health insurance and health care.


John Albers respects people who enter our country and state legally. However, illegal immigration poses a serious threat to our security, economy and ability to serve Georgia families. We must protect our borders and enforce the law.

John Albers will fully support a similar policy as Arizona and press the federal government to enforce the law and be accountable.

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