I am a conservative Republican seeking to be your voice in the State Senate. However, before I become your voice under the Gold Dome, you deserve to know what I believe and where I stand.

I believe in serving others, protecting those who need help, and helping those who can't help themselves.

I believe a man's word is a solemn pledge and must be honored. Likewise, government must honor its obligations too.

I believe that the dollars we spend on transportation should be used effectively and efficiently to reduce traffic gridlock.

I believe high taxes destroy our economy and our families. Low taxes are the key to economic growth and our quality of life.

I believe education is the key to future success and the best investment of our tax dollars.

I believe we should welcome those who come here legally, work hard, pay taxes, and live the American Dream, but illegal immigration poses a threat to our economy and our national security.

I believe that government should be limited so as to empower individuals, parents and local communities to resolve the challenges they face.

I believe the State should account for every penny spent and every program should be scrutinized for effectiveness and efficiency as often as possible.

I believe in preserving our constitutional rights and defending the sanctity of marriage and human life.

I believe. My faith guides who I am, what I believe, and how I serve.

I believe that if you will trust me with this position I will be a powerful and effective voice for you and our conservative values. My family is the foundation and the goal of everything I do. I seek to serve in the Senate with a drive to serve your family just as I serve my own.

In the coming months, we will launch a series of position papers on all the major issues. We will also continue to engage in campaigning across north Fulton County. I hope to meet you and your family and share more about my vision for our community and our state.