Our top priority must be reviving our struggling economy in North Fulton and Georgia. Our unemployment rate in Georgia is higher than the national average and current economic conditions impact all other critical issues with education, transportation, etc.

Experience does matter! I am the only candidate with a track record of real business success. This is important, because you cannot fix problems you don’t completely understand. After successfully starting, growing and managing my own businesses, I know the bottlenecks to success and how our state government can play and important role. In addition, I have met with numerous other business leaders to create a comprehensive plan to revive our state economy.

  • Phase out the state corporate income tax
  • Phase out the state capital gains tax
  • Phase out the income tax with a fair sales tax
  • Streamline the Dept. of Revenue with all processes online with excellent customer service
  • Encourage small businesses with tax credits and business loans
  • Reduce and remove unnecessary regulations
  • Hold local forums for current and potential businesses to begin and grow in Georgia
  • Offer immediate withholding tax credit of $2,500 for new hires for 2 years
  • Recreate Milton County and systematically separate services from Fulton to encourage growth

Our plan has proven results throughout history. Having government play a limited role and creating an environment for free market success will put Georgia back on track.